Wolves and Humans

Relation Between Wolves and Humans

When it comes to the history of humans wolves, the road is a very long one. For the most part it has been controversial in nature. Yet it wasn’t always that way. In early times when the Indians and animals were able to live in harmony, these animals were regarded in the highest regard.

The Indians were in awe of their ability to work as a team when it came to finding food and protecting their own. They also found the social hierarchy of them to be interesting. However, as more people began to settle on the land and raise animals the conflicts soon began and the hatred for these animals quickly began to escalate.

One of the reasons that people don’t like wolves is that they are known to kill domestic animals. This includes pets and even cattle that may be raised for a living. The problem though isn’t one that the wolves should be blamed for. Instead, it is the result of humans continually moving in on the land that used to be their natural habitat to roam. They are doing what they instinctively are programmed to according to the laws of nature.

In areas that aren’t well inhabited by humans such as around Alaska and some areas of Canada wolves seem to be able to do well. They aren’t bothering anyone and so they are often left alone as well. In many other areas though they are under protection but still illegally hunted.

Just recently areas of Montana decided that it was a good idea to allow hunting of them during certain times of the year. This will help to keep them from becoming too populated is the idea behind it. There are people from many states applying for a wolf hunting tag for the Montana area.

For decades humans have killed wolves through the use of poison, by setting traps, and by hunting them. While some efforts are in place by humans to study them and to protect them there is a great deal of resistance that they are continually met with. Most people don’t see the value in protecting wolves because they still view them as an animal that is very dangerous.

The wolf though is a symbol of the past when it comes to the wilderness at its finest. Even though there are efforts in place to protect them, the fact that so much of their natural habitat has been taken makes it very hard for them to survive. Packs of wolves that were once able to range hundreds of miles are now limited to very small areas.

They aren’t able to find enough food in those areas for them to thrive. They also find it hard to continue growing in size due to their basic needs not being met. The alpha male and the beta female may not mate if they are struggling for their own survival.

There is plenty of false information out there about the wolves, and getting man to realize that there have been mistakes is important. Educating people about the beauty of wolves, their role in the wild, and that once they are gone we will never get them back are all important issues to cover.

How the future will play out for wolves really comes down to what people decide to do. There is plenty of controversy that continues with people on one side that don’t care and those that way to protect them at all costs on the other.

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