Wolf Predators

Wolf Enemies

The fact that wolves are at the top of the food chain means they really don’t have any predators to be too concerned about in the wild. However, they can sometimes be taken down by other animals if they are alone out there. Most animals leave them alone though due to the fact that they don’t want to be battling an entire pack of wolves.

Sometimes fights over food sources can lead to the wolves having enemies that normally wouldn’t be there. This includes some of the large cats as well as other canines including coyotes. The young wolves are the most vulnerable from other animals. They are very small when they come out of the den and they can easily wander off from protective eyes. In an instant they can become a meal for a variety of animals out there.

Wolves have to be careful when it comes to some of their own prey. While moose and elk won’t go after them, they will fight for their own lives and that of their young. A kick in the head or vital organs from ones of these animals can result in death or serious injury of a wolf in an instant.

Sometimes when food sources are very scarce, the alpha male of a pack may consume weak or injured wolves. This is done to ensure that he is able to survive. It is also don’t as a way of nature ensuring that there is a balance. With fewer wolves in a given location they will have access to more space and to more food.

Threats from other wolf packs are a common problem for them because of the battles for territory and food sources. When there is enough room to freely roam around the territories of different wolf packs may overlap somewhat. However, they can generally deal with this without too much conflict. They can howl to let it be known where they are so that others will stay away from a given shared location.

Yet when food sources are hard to come by and there isn’t much room to spread out they can end up on top of each other. The survival instinct for them comes out, and it can be a test to see who is the fittest and who will survive. Yet this doesn’t always work so a physical altercation may be necessary. This can result in some wolves being killed and others being severely injured.

The fact that most species of wolves out there are considered to be endangered has to do with the way in which they have been hunted by humans. This process has been going on for hundreds of years. Humans feel that wolves are evil as well as a huge threat. They are rumored to be killing machines but that isn’t true.

Humans continue to take over land that was once home to the wolves. As a result they find it harder and hard to find enough food. When humans have cattle and other types of food sources on that land it is just a matter of time before the wolves will come looking for it. They aren’t being destructive, but simply doing what they can for their own survival.

Even so, this message isn’t one that many humans are listening to. They don’t want their land or their animals to be trespassed upon by wolves. They also will go to great lengths to avoid the law when it comes to getting rid of them. This includes placing traps out there and even poisons to kill them.

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